RIG-EN is raising its capital seeking new partners who will join its project under privileged conditions.

This capital increase is aimed to the:

  • Financing the second part of the technical Due Diligence on a new plant design of higher capacity (the first is already complete)
  • Financing the cooperation contract with Fraunhofer (€ 1.8 million in three years)
  • Financing the setup of industrial production chains of TCR® machines
  • Acquire 100% of SUSTEEN TECHNOLOGIES GMBH ( a Fraunhofer spin-off ), which owns rights to the biomass treatment.

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For Customers:

Purchasing TCR® equipment means saving costs in:

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Taxation
  • Administrative procedures
  • Human resources

The income will be based on the output products and the energy produced

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